The Coast of Kauai

Cruising the Hawaiian Islands enabled me to do some photo shooting of  wonderful sights on the islands as well as from the ocean. The first two days we went on tours, the Haleakala Crater Sunset and the Nine Hr. Hana Rd Drive in Maui. Both were great, particularly the Haleakala Crater, providing me with exciting & great photo opportunities.  On Hilo Kona  & Kauai we did our own touring by car.  Unfortunately the rain and a gray day in Hilo limited our exploring of  Volcanos National Park and some of the other sights but I did manage to get photos of the “smoking” Kilauea Volcano, Devastation Trail, the Lava Tube, and Ahalanui Park  and its Kings Thermal Pool.  Both Kona & Kauai have quaint little towns to explore and beautiful beaches, valleys and many waterfalls.  The beaches of Hawaii, some with black sand, are not typical light beautiful sandy beaches that we see along the east & west coasts of the U.S.  But when you see  the ocean coming in you realize why so many people love to surf at the beaches of Hawaii.  As we drove along the coast & through the valleys we saw many beautiful sights:   OAHU with its famous Hanauma Bay and Diamond Head;  HILO with Kilauea the “smoking” Volcano and Lava Tube,  Ahalanue’s Kings Thermal Pool;  KONA where the lava fields meet the ocean, and at Pololu Valley Overlook which is above the Black Sand Beach, one will see beautiful cliffs with the ocean crashing against them and then look the other way from the Overlook and see the beautiful Pololu Valley;  KAUAI  where Hanalei Bay Beach rests at the base of a mountain with  the backside of  the “smoking” Kilauea Volcano above it, Hanalei Bay Valley Overlook with seven waterfalls flowing down, the view from Kilauea Point Lighthouse and Spouting Horn Blow Hole at Poipu Beach.  Photos of all these places and many more are in each island’s individual page.   One of the sights I enjoyed the most, however, was on the last afternoon when the captain took the ship to the tip of Kauai and then cruised back up the coast to Oahau, providing me with the opportunity to photograph the awesome coast of Kauai.  The photo above is one of those.  I hope you enjoy your visit to Hawaii by viewing my photos of the Islands.

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