My Bio

How It All Started!!!

As a photo enthusiast I grew from an advanced photo hobbyist to an accomplished photographer.  My early photography intensified through a mail course with the New York Institute of Photography and was devoted to my sons, their sports endeavors, family vacations and special family events. After retiring to Lakeland, Florida, my skills were advanced through developing and printing my photo art leading to a “retirement career” developing in three stages.

The first came with the advent of digital photography. The excitement of capturing many pictures at a photo shoot of an event, site or wildlife or just practice my technique without the excessive cost of film and slides was awesome.

Advancements in the digital world of photography, the second phase, opened up many new avenues from using simple tools in Photoshop to restoring old photos – it all can be done and much more. Instead of developing negatives, I now develope images in my “Digital Darkroom”.

The third was specializing in printing my photos as well as those by hobbyists on canvas. Digital cameras today enable a photo enthusiast to take some great shots. I’ve produced canvas prints of excellent images captured by others.  If you don’t want one of my “treasures”, perhaps you’d like one of “your treasures” on canvas!

My photography may be purchased as a canvas wrap, on foam board for framing, or a canvas print. Stop by and get acquainted with me and see my photos on Saturdays at the Downtown Curb Market in Lakeland, Florida or email me at to discuss your pictures or purchase any of my photos.